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Spa – skin care

hana spa vung tau

Our skin needs daily care with our own products and methods to match the different characteristics of each person. Each skin type needs different care. For these products to be effective, make sure you are using the right method and treatment along with understanding your skin type and other basic conditions so as not to damage the skin.

hana spa vung tau

Dr. Hong Cam will work with cosmetic plastic surgeons at Ho Chi Minh City’s leading aesthetic clinics to provide comprehensive, safe and beautiful plastic surgery. Dr. Hong Cam will advise you to choose the type of surgery, doctors, surgery, hospital, the safest natural appearance with reasonable costs.

Cosmetic surgery

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Non-invasive aesthetic method is most preferred today due to non-surgical but effective immediately. By using drugs or natural derivatives (safely tested) in the areas where correction is needed before surgery. Wrinkles, sagging skin can fill directly or stimulate the body to regenerate collagen skin.

Spray, embroidery, tattoo removal

hana spa vung tau

Spray tattoos are a beauty art that helps to overcome defects, improving some of the facial features known for a long time. This type is used by many sisters. Come to Hana Spa you are completely assured with the technology of spraying modern, spray ink with International Anti-Oxidation and expert team, will bring you natural look, suitable for each face.